Discapnet´s interview with George I. Fomitchev about Endurance Robots

George I. FomitchevDéborah M. Labrador (Discapnet / 09/19/2017)

In this page you can read some questions about Endurance Robots and his participation in this congress.

How was your company, Endurance, born?

Well, the idea to start Endurance came to me in 2014 and I was looking for a partner. I went to California and spend a month looking for a samrt tecgh guy and finaly I found Matteo. Matteo Borri is a NASA subcontractor and we started a strtup called Endurance on 11-th of January 2015.

For 2 years we tried to launch business making robots and lasers. Finally we failed trying to bring new technology for the market, 2 years of hard work, 150 000 USD invested burned...

Nut at the end of 2016 we found a new great niche - chatbots.

Which is the main target of Endurance?

In 2017 Matteo left Endurance and I started to build chatbots for customers.

Right now we launched about 15 chatbot pilots for different companies and it is getting more and more popular and every day we have more and more requests. So we think that chatbots is a real future for communication and it will change intire world and the way how we communicate with computer and each other. We call this era Internet-of-people.

What will be your presentation at the International Congress technology and tourism for all people about? About robot and chatbot? Are the robots the future?

I plan to tell in general the idea of how chatbots can change the way we communicate, the way we make orders, purchases, way we get the information.

I plan to tell more about my open source social project.

Chatbot for Alzheimer's patients.

What is the usefulness of chatbot? About the Endurance´s chatbot, that they are capable of doing? how will they help to people?

Well, if we talk about commercial bots, we see a lot of ways of usefulness. Chatbots can answer questions, replace and improve help desk service, in chatbots you can make orders like on a smartphone apps. It opens vast ablities to run online business.

If we are talking about chatbots for Alzheimer's patients then it is a communication tool.

We know that is becomes difficult to talk to a senior people especailly if he or she get this terrible desease, chatbot replaces a person who talks, asks different questions, keep conversation in line and help person to do some mental actions, like remember or remind something.

In this case we still need to do a lot of research how to create a robot with smart and good memory means that bot will remember what he was told a day, week and month ago and be able to return to previous conversations.

It takes some time and effort to complete!

I know that Endurance offers help to people with Alzheimer's, Are there people already using it? Do Patients improve?

It is still under development and we do this project with 4 US colleges and hope to attract more European schools and colleges into this project.

It requires a lot of data to conversations and also we need more tools to be able to track the patient, to make sure that he is improving or not.

We belive that this technology can return old and people with Alzheimer's back to social life, they can talk, communicate like with real person!

Do you have other projects under way to help people with disabilities?

We are very open and look for new projects but now it is the one social project we run.

Thank you for your time.

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