About DRT4ALL 2015

About DRT4ALL 2015

"A decade of DRT4ALL"

VI International Congress on Design, Research Networks, and Technology for all.

September, 23- 25, 2015, Madrid

Organized by Fundación ONCE para la cooperación e inclusión social de personas con discapacidad

(ONCE Foundation for cooperation and social inclusion of persons with disabilities)



Given the success of previous editions and the cooperation of sponsors, speakers, attendants and committees, the ONCE Foundation is pleased to organize and invite you to the fifth edition of DRT4ALL.


The development of the information society is making Information and Communication Technologies increasingly present in most aspects of citizens’ everyday life. They cover such a wide range of technological and scientific fields that some misguided implementations are widening the digital gap because they lack of proper design criteria, are not user friendly, and do not provide appropiate device compatibility.

The number of people with functional limitations because of a disability or advanced age or with a special need due to a variety of reasons is increasing with time, as well as the lack of awareness about the existence of new technologies and the difficulties some people have interacting with it.

Another relevant matter is the progressive ageing of population in the technologically developed countries. Medical and scientific advances have increased life expectancy, but have not yet achieve a higher life expectancy free of disability. Technology can provide the necessary support to help senior citizens obtain more autonomy and independece, which is what we all aspire to.

It is a known fact that technology can and must help everyone, particularly those with functional limitations, to carry out daily activities, and to improve their living conditions. It must also help people with special needs to achieve a full integration into society, and to contribute with their abilities to social development.

Congress goal

International Congress DRT4All is a window to the future. Its main goal is getting to know about the latest advances in ICT supporting independent living of people with functional limitations, and to demonstrate how these technologies can work together in order to help people with disabilities and the elderly lead a better life, and to achieve a full integration into society.

DRT4all is above all a scientific conference where we hope to showcase the different characteristics of assistive technologies, with user experience as the key aspect. Industry stakeholders and public administration officials, who also play a central role in the development of these technologies, will be a prominent part of this event.

Target audience

University community

Research centers

Researchers and academics

Companies specialized in new technologies

Special needs and disability service and attention providers

User organizations

People with disabilities and elderly people associations.

Individuals concerned with technology research and adapted devices, access to information and communication for all, and domotics, robotics and remote-assistance and topics related to DRT4ALL 2013.

Official Languages




General fee: 100€

Special fee for attendees with disability, students, and unemployed: 20€



Congress Secretariat

Tfn. + 34 91 323 78 14

* Viajes 2000 has been appointed as the official travel agent of DRT4ALL 2015. However, attendants are free to make their own accommodation and travel arrangements.

Technical Secretariat


+34 91 506 89 37